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Get active and have fun from home Learn new skills each week ‘til you become a pro!

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The UK’s best online health and fitness platform for Teens

Being in the public eye from a young age, child soap-star Maisie Smith (best known for her role as ‘cute little Tiffany Butcher’ in Eastenders), has always been conscious of taking care of herself, especially when it comes to keeping fit and active. 
Now, aspiring to become a teen-fitness role model, Maisie has been working hard with the experts at Results 4 Teens to show you it’s possible to have fun whilst you get fit and active at home… Especially if you’re not a fan of your P.E. classes at school! 
All you need to do is log on, click on your workout for the day and get moving in your living room, garden or even in the park! Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere, and soon you’ll become a pro! 

Why Results 4 Teens?

  • Specially created with Teenager’s needs in mind
  • No travel needed – which means no busses, and no need to beg Mum or Dad to take you!
  • 24/7 online access from your phone, tablet, laptop or TV Cheaper than going to lots of individual classes
  • Take on new challenges! Learn new skills whilst you get fit!
  • Sessions in boxercise, gymnastics, dance and full body workouts
  • You pick and choose the order of your challenges
  • Access zone content, help and advice
  • Guaranteed fun!
website service
website service


It’s tough to know how to look after yourself or how to eat healthily, especially if Mum or Dad prepare all of your meals for you! So we’ve put together loads of family-friendly recipes that you’ll all enjoy together. Learn to cook really yummy, healthy meals yourself, or get Mum and Dad to try them for you – either way; you’re all going to love them! 
And we’ve made sure we’ve got all your favourite meals in there, including pizza, curry and burger recipes, plus we’ve even given you some sweet treats to try!


We're going to make sure you get fitter every week, so you’ll be repeating 1x full body workout, and you’ll be taking on 2x active challenges each week. The sessions will get harder each time, so we’re going to make sure your fitness is improving, as well as seeing the maximum possible change in your body!  
Twice a week, you’ll be able to pick between sessions in gymnastics, dance and boxercise. Complete these 3 active challenges in whichever order you fancy, or mix things up each week – the choice is yours!

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